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Stockroom and Merchandise Cost Control

Stockroom and Merchandise Cost Control

Save money on your merchandise cost and labor with a quicker and more reliable process by implementing the following best practices for inventory control and optimum workflows.

  • Grading process
  • Storage process
  • Pulling process
  • New garment process
  • Make up process
  • Work-order process
  • Emblem process
  • Purchase and Back-Order process

Client Testimonials

  • At Phelps we pride ourselves on innovation and technology.  We understand it takes change to develop with the fast pace improvements in our industry.  FV Consulting has helped us tremendously over the years to develop new procedures and improve the efficiency with all of these changes.  As a business, we can only manage what we measure.  Frederic’s consultations have given us the ability to measure nearly all of our plant and stockroom processes.

    Over the last 3 years we redesigned and constructed an uber efficient Stockroom with Frederic’s guidance.  Not only has the new layout improved our employee’s efficiency, but it also gives our management a quick overview of each day’s work and delays.  This helps our team stay on top of past work orders and has improved our first week fulfillment rate by 40+%, without adding additional full time employees.  Frederic continues to impress us with each visit and we appreciate everything he has done for our business and staff. 

    Dustin Phelps Vice President, Phelps the Uniform Specialists

    Phelps the Uniform Specialists
  • FV Consulting installed a ‘just in time’ production process that is reducing our plant labor cost more than $140,000 per year. Frederic Veau’s understanding of the industry and our needs is a great asset to our company.

    Fred Gorman President, Gorman Uniform Rental, Inc.

    Gorman Uniform Rental, Inc.

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