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Lean Production Strategy

Improving productivity and throughput can be achieved without spending capital investment.

Process improvement with Lean Six Sigma

Our methodology is comprehensive. Through our proven program using Lean Six Sigma and a computer model, we will review all areas of production from the receiving room to the final clean storage. With consistent high-quality products, our methodology drives customer satisfaction and boosts bottom-line results by reducing operating costs and cycle time, while promoting the use of work standardization and workflow optimization.

FV Consulting, Inc. will help you define your processes, measure them, analyze variations in the processes, make improvements to your processes, and then set the controls needed for you to be successful.

Procedures with Time and Motion Study

FV Consulting, Inc. optimizes every working station in the plant. We develop non-biased, up-to-date standards driven by time and motion study in order to measure employee efficiencies. Employees will produce systematic work in a safer environment.

Employee Training

"Change does not come from a speech. It happens because the right trained team is in place to make it happen." - Frederic Veau

One of the important keys to success is teamwork among the employees. To achieve this coveted teamwork, FV Consulting, Inc. educates employees to enhance productivity with a friendly step-by-step hands-on implementation, so that each person in the company understands his or her new role in the process. Continuous improvement will not be a daily goal anymore but a long-term journey.

Client Testimonials

  • We have been using Frederic Veau at Service Uniform in San Antonio for nearly 20 years.  Our relationship has evolved into one of mutual trust and understanding.  Frederic understands our goals for the future and helps us develop production plans so that we can execute on a high level of productivity using the maximum efficiencies possible.  Working closely with Frederic has allowed me to understand flow and through put so that I can manage a system that not only benefits us but also our customers.  His understanding of the industry, ergonomics, and design allows us to perform at our best in current situations and helps us change for the future.  The education I have received working with Frederic has allowed me to view our operations and try ideas to make us better.  I would recommend Frederic to any organization that wants to challenge their way of production operation and find better alternatives for their future.

    I would be happy to speak with anyone about Frederic Veau and VF Consulting.

    Kenneth Stewart General Manager, Service Uniform

    Service Uniform
  • Frederic Veau was recommended to us by several companies in the industry.  We originally used Veau Consulting for two reasons. 

    #1) we needed to increase PPOH in our large hospital linen plant in St. Louis, MO.

    #2) we needed someone with production improvement expertise to help further develop these skills in some of our managers.

    Frederic helped us accomplish both of these things.  Our PPOH improved by 15%.  That has been sustainable because of the way he involved our managers in his process.  They learned from him and saw the improvements in their numbers month after month.  It was definitely a win/win deal.

    We were pleased enough with the results that we are using Veau's Consulting Services again in our Kansas City Hospital Linen plant.  I like the fact that Frederic does not push you to spend money on new equipment.  He helps you maximize throughput with what you have.  Then YOU can decide if you want to spend money on capital equipment upgrades.

    Susan Witcher President/CEO, Faultless Laundry Company

    Faultless Laundry Company

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