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With over 35 years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the laundry services, FV Consulting, Inc. was the first production consulting firm in 2008 to implement Lean Six Sigma process improvement to independent Healthcare, F&B, Hospitality and Industrial Textile Rental Companies. Our proven methodology has delivered effective results and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to more than 100 customers across the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe by achieving the full potential of their existing equipment and labor force.

FV Consulting, Inc.’s goal is to exceed each customer’s expectations by working on a mutually agreeable schedule even after modifications are made.

Frederic Veau, FV Consulting, Inc. President

Frederic Veau

FV Consulting, Inc. President

  • Engineer with an MBA from France
  • Prior to moving to the United States in 1998, was a production manager then the youngest general manager for the second largest Textile Rental Company in France
  • Created FV Consulting, Inc in 2002 focusing on process improvement
  • CSC supplier

Client Testimonials

  • It was refreshing to have our entire operation reviewed with some out of the box thinking. I found your advice compelling, your knowledge impressive, and your billing honest and fair.

    Ed Heilman President, Ace Imagewear

    Ace Imagewear
  • At Phelps we pride ourselves on innovation and technology.  We understand it takes change to develop with the fast pace improvements in our industry.  FV Consulting has helped us tremendously over the years to develop new procedures and improve the efficiency with all of these changes.  As a business, we can only manage what we measure.  Frederic’s consultations have given us the ability to measure nearly all of our plant and stockroom processes.

    Over the last 3 years we redesigned and constructed an uber efficient Stockroom with Frederic’s guidance.  Not only has the new layout improved our employee’s efficiency, but it also gives our management a quick overview of each day’s work and delays.  This helps our team stay on top of past work orders and has improved our first week fulfillment rate by 40+%, without adding additional full time employees.  Frederic continues to impress us with each visit and we appreciate everything he has done for our business and staff. 

    Dustin Phelps Vice President, Phelps the Uniform Specialists

    Phelps the Uniform Specialists
  • FV Consulting installed a ‘just in time’ production process that is reducing our plant labor cost more than $140,000 per year. Frederic Veau’s understanding of the industry and our needs is a great asset to our company.

    Fred Gorman President, Gorman Uniform Rental, Inc.

    Gorman Uniform Rental, Inc.
  • Our company has employed the services of Frederic Veau on a number of occasions on a consulting basis to perform material handling, productivity and plant layout studies. His work has resulted in a number of significant improvements in our plants. His garment-sorting program saved us approximately $200,000 in material handling and infrastructure costs in our newest wearing apparel processing facility, as well as a huge amount of physical plant space. Frederic’s plant layout, workflow, and work standard studies in our other facilities have resulted in improved operations and costs in many areas. Frederic’s integrity, work ethic and knowledge are unquestioned in our company. He is extremely “user friendly” and works well with all layers of management in the implementation of the projects. We look forward to continuing to work with Frederic in the future.

    Jim Curialy Engineering Manager, Unitex

  • We have been using Frederic Veau at Service Uniform in San Antonio for nearly 20 years.  Our relationship has evolved into one of mutual trust and understanding.  Frederic understands our goals for the future and helps us develop production plans so that we can execute on a high level of productivity using the maximum efficiencies possible.  Working closely with Frederic has allowed me to understand flow and through put so that I can manage a system that not only benefits us but also our customers.  His understanding of the industry, ergonomics, and design allows us to perform at our best in current situations and helps us change for the future.  The education I have received working with Frederic has allowed me to view our operations and try ideas to make us better.  I would recommend Frederic to any organization that wants to challenge their way of production operation and find better alternatives for their future.

    I would be happy to speak with anyone about Frederic Veau and VF Consulting.

    Kenneth Stewart General Manager, Service Uniform

    Service Uniform
  • Frederic was very instrumental in helping our growing company utilize the Alliant PBA program.  Previously we were using Art Cooperman, but we wanted to move forward with Alliant’s new role out.  We’d been using Frederic for other things when we found out he also could help with PBA programs.  He made it very easy for us to make the transition – All we needed to do was give him all of our past PBA information with additional things we wanted, as well as some suggestions Frederic wanted to add in.  Frederic and I worked back and fourth for just a few weeks to get everything we and Alliant needed to kick start the program.  Once Frederic and I were comfortable with how things looked, I again reached out to Alliant on how, what, when, and where we needed to build our Alliant PBA program.  The model Frederic built for us was/is very user friendly and easy to understand.  We are very happy with the outcome, and for us, FV Consulting was the best choice getting the correct program in place.

    Darin Danner Chief Operating Officer, New System

    New System
  • We had worked with Frederic Veau at F.V. Consulting, Inc. in the past on process improvements for both our healthcare plant and food & beverage plant. When the new healthcare plant project came up, we again decided to work with Frederic Veau for the future plant capacity study and plant concept drawing. Despite many changes, Frederic always quickly updated us with new designs until we were totally satisfied. Frederic’s expertise and DSS (Design for Six Sigma) experience, provided us with the optimum design for our future volumes.

    The plant capacity was very thorough, and Frederic made sure we were not missing any options for running the future plant in the most optimum and effective way.

    Frederic Veau is a man of vision. He makes it clear there is no “cookie cutter” solution to each customer’s challenge.

    Bruce Feldman President and CEO, Economy Linen

    Economy Linen
  • Frederic Veau was recommended to us by several companies in the industry.  We originally used Veau Consulting for two reasons. 

    #1) we needed to increase PPOH in our large hospital linen plant in St. Louis, MO.

    #2) we needed someone with production improvement expertise to help further develop these skills in some of our managers.

    Frederic helped us accomplish both of these things.  Our PPOH improved by 15%.  That has been sustainable because of the way he involved our managers in his process.  They learned from him and saw the improvements in their numbers month after month.  It was definitely a win/win deal.

    We were pleased enough with the results that we are using Veau's Consulting Services again in our Kansas City Hospital Linen plant.  I like the fact that Frederic does not push you to spend money on new equipment.  He helps you maximize throughput with what you have.  Then YOU can decide if you want to spend money on capital equipment upgrades.

    Susan Witcher President/CEO, Faultless Laundry Company

    Faultless Laundry Company
  • Frederic Veau's knowledge of our industry, and application to our individual circumstance, has enabled us to reorganize the production flow, become a more efficient operator, and lower production wages.

    David Quinton President, Quintex Services LTD.

    Quintex Services LTD.
  • FV Consulting's lean production strategy has proven extremely effetive and easy to implement. We've become more efficient in sorting, mending, scanning, and handling loose or late piece-ins!

    David Ziker President, Ziker, Cleaner of Uniform Rentals

    Ziker, Cleaner of Uniform Rentals