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Profitability By Account

FV Consulting, Inc. provides the calculation for a very user-friendly and easy-to-understand software model. Get to the roots and know exactly how much it costs to produce your items.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Do not wait for a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, even IT system crashes to strike to react. Be ready ahead of the crisis!

With an onsite analysis, we will provide an evaluation of the cost of continuing to operate services to your customers. This includes building costs, blanket content costs and business interruption costs.

FV Consulting, Inc. provides procedures to be prepared before the disaster and keeps you running during and after the emergency situation.

Client Testimonials

  • Frederic was very instrumental in helping our growing company utilize the Alliant PBA program.  Previously we were using Art Cooperman, but we wanted to move forward with Alliant’s new role out.  We’d been using Frederic for other things when we found out he also could help with PBA programs.  He made it very easy for us to make the transition – All we needed to do was give him all of our past PBA information with additional things we wanted, as well as some suggestions Frederic wanted to add in.  Frederic and I worked back and fourth for just a few weeks to get everything we and Alliant needed to kick start the program.  Once Frederic and I were comfortable with how things looked, I again reached out to Alliant on how, what, when, and where we needed to build our Alliant PBA program.  The model Frederic built for us was/is very user friendly and easy to understand.  We are very happy with the outcome, and for us, FV Consulting was the best choice getting the correct program in place.

    Darin Danner Chief Operating Officer, New System

    New System

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