Color code layout of a linen cleaning plant

Plant Design

Optimum design will bring maximum efficiency

Workflow, actual plant capacity analysis and growth capacity forecast

An original plant design may have been optimum yesterday, however with today’s change in product types and mixes, an updated revision is our specialty

In order to know how much, how fast and how efficient operators can run their facilities, a capacity and workflow analysis, including washfloor audits, will emphasize where bottlenecks are and how much more the plant can produce with the existing equipment. This is the yearly check-up of the facility.

FV Consulting, Inc. will provide a multiple-year production template according to customers’ projected growths so customers can forecast future bottle-necks, equipment limitation and follow a long-term strategy with clarity.

DFSS (Drawing For Six Sigma) for existing buildings

FV Consulting, Inc. changes the way your facilities operate from the ground up. We re-design and engineer your concept design within the same footprint for your specific needs. Our work is focused around improving operations, reducing production time, and increasing productivity.

DFSS (Drawing For Six Sigma) for future buildings

With a thorough 15 year plant capacity study, FV Consulting, Inc. designs and engineers concept drawings to ensure that customers will operate, grow and expand with the confidence that their facilities will still run with optimal performance in the future. 

Client Testimonials

  • Our company has employed the services of Frederic Veau on a number of occasions on a consulting basis to perform material handling, productivity and plant layout studies. His work has resulted in a number of significant improvements in our plants. His garment-sorting program saved us approximately $200,000 in material handling and infrastructure costs in our newest wearing apparel processing facility, as well as a huge amount of physical plant space. Frederic’s plant layout, workflow, and work standard studies in our other facilities have resulted in improved operations and costs in many areas. Frederic’s integrity, work ethic and knowledge are unquestioned in our company. He is extremely “user friendly” and works well with all layers of management in the implementation of the projects. We look forward to continuing to work with Frederic in the future.

    Jim Curialy Engineering Manager, Unitex

  • We had worked with Frederic Veau at F.V. Consulting, Inc. in the past on process improvements for both our healthcare plant and food & beverage plant. When the new healthcare plant project came up, we again decided to work with Frederic Veau for the future plant capacity study and plant concept drawing. Despite many changes, Frederic always quickly updated us with new designs until we were totally satisfied. Frederic’s expertise and DSS (Design for Six Sigma) experience, provided us with the optimum design for our future volumes.

    The plant capacity was very thorough, and Frederic made sure we were not missing any options for running the future plant in the most optimum and effective way.

    Frederic Veau is a man of vision. He makes it clear there is no “cookie cutter” solution to each customer’s challenge.

    Bruce Feldman President and CEO, Economy Linen

    Economy Linen

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